Hello, My name is Kathryn.

Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Cosmetologist, NCEA Certified, ASCP-Member, CCMA (NHA), AS Medical Assisting + AS Sports Medicine (MJC)

I have earned my NCEA credential  which is equivalent to a 1200-hour licensing program and represents the highest skin care credential in the United States. Most licensing programs, on average, are around 600 hours; this includes CA.

I do what I do because I too have struggled with my own skin conditions and hairy-ness. I started as a Sports Med/Pre-Nursing major and through my upper division sciences, etc. I discovered my love for skin and beauty. Its funny how things come together. *Former weight-lifting-athlete-that-never-wore-makeup to beauty professional* lol

I have worked for two Dermatologists in the area and a popular spa. In doing so I have gained extensive clinical knowledge of the skin as well as the medical application of treatments. This working experience has enforced a clear understanding of the side-effects caused by certain medications and how to approach the skin safely.